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Trends 2020

Trends are ephemeral, in continuous movement and evolution. In the world of Fashion, Design and Retail is essential to study these trends in order to know their forecasts.

Analyzing and knowing what will be booming in the future, is very valuable for professionals whom we are in these sectors. The 2019 has been a very important year for Fashion, marked mainly by movements such as sustainability, inclusion and empowerment. But, what can we expect in 2020?

Here are some of the trends that will see in 2020:

Space Era 

One of the biggest trends will be the futurism, it will carry holographic fabrics and collections inspired by space and supernatural. Science fiction will be a source of inspiration to creating textures from organic to industrial. This is coming along with the launch of four missions to Mars, the testing phase of the reusable Space X rocket and a new generation of human-manned spacecraft.

(Source Lyst)

Hyper reality

Dreamlike, psychological and psychedelic landscapes will be the inspiration for collections where fashion and technology meet. Circular elements symbolizes the future, while iridescent surfaces embraces the digital. Above all, science digital and technology will be the protagonists in the 2020 trends.

(Source WGNS y Pinkermoda)

Fashion and politics

Fashion can be a powerful communication tool, it has occupied an important place in social changes and has been a faithful reflection of political differences, urban styles and cultural revolutions. For example, the ties of the Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Tom Steyer, have already been the subject of searches and tweets in his country, and with the U.S. elections, just around the corner, we certainly expect more styling with political messages in 2020.

(Source LYST)

Feminism and femininity

In Chloé’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection, women have been celebrated with the mantra of “femininity anchored in reality”. Women’s empowerment and the feminist movement move forward in 2020 with collections that focuses on their role and power. Future trends seem to move away from androgynous aesthetics leaving room for tailoring, minimalism, romantic and naif garments.

(Source Vogue)

Pantone Color of the Year

In a time when technology is still ahead of human ability to process everything, Pantone has shown the need for colors that give us honesty and protection. Therefore, this will be the color of 2020 that will replace the 2019 Living Coral. We talk about of 19-4052 Classic Blue, the tonality that, this year, will be the reference in many creative fields. It’s a timeless blue that stands out for its elegance, calm, confidence and connection. This color is a reflective blue that fosters resilience.

(Source Pantone)

Immersive Experiences

Technology is changing the way every industry moves. More and more companies use new technologies to create immersive experiences for their clients. This is the case of virtual reality, one of the trends of 2020, which will allow us to experience the virtual exploration of products, shops and even trying garments.

(Source Forbes)

3D Printing

2020 will also be the time for the take-off of 3D printers, which are said to constitute the next technological revolution. According to the forecasts of the consulting firm Context, the market will reach a turnover of 16,000 million dollars. In the world of Retail and Visual Merchandising, we are committed to end of the age of white and unsightly mannequins and replaced them with 3D printed mannequins, customized by season according to each brand.

Keeping up with trends and continuing to innovate can be difficult, so it’s important to count with professionals in the sector that could guide you in this process. If you are looking to innovate your image and your window display, following trends 2020, don’t hesitate to discover my services.

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