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Competition. Composition.

The importance of a good Window design

Competition. Composition. One could conclude, that a Window display or Showcases are the DNA of retail brands or wholesale malls. But I would like to refer to two points, that makes a Window design successful:
Differentiation, is a daily exercise in reference of retail brands or wholesale malls image, which at the moment, we could not conceive without the analysis of our competitors and know the situation of ours retail brands or wholesale malls. During analysis, we will deduce the strategies of positioning, solutions to improve and surpass our competitors. We should  to ask ourself: Who are they? Who is not? Where ? How many ? Who could they be? How do you copy? Product? Promotions? Materials? Who buys them? Etc.
Note: Studying the competition is not copy! It is to have a point of reference to know, what we have to do better and differently.
Once we have clear the paragraph above. We use another indispensable tool to have a successful Window design or Showcase: The composition.
Why is it so important ? Because during the process of design composition ( which in this case, we talk about design as a concept of form, materials, dimensions, color, assembly systems or other issues for the final result ), we solve the visual problem. Thanks to the Competition´s study, we can help to retail brands or wholesale malls, to have visual purpose and it is executed with the composition, which is composed, for example, thru: Balance, Stress, Leveling, Grouping, Attraction and Positive-Negative of the different elements.
Of course the creative value of each one is fundamental, but with a good knowledge and experience, we will better to understand the needs of each retail brand or wholesale.

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