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Neuromarketing and fashion industry

Director of Window Display, Visual Merchandising and Projects www.joseluisledesma.com

Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience techniques to marketing. Its goal is to know and understand the levels of attention people show to different stimuli.

In this way we can explain and study the behaviour of consumers during their purchase process.

Its origins date back to 2002, when Dutch Marketing Professor Ale Smidts (Nobel Prize in Economics) introduced the term “neuromarketing”.

According to the author, neuromarketing consists of the research techniques of brain mechanisms in the mind, that is, the consumer’s subconscious, to discover how brands can improve their marketing strategies.

Thanks to this discipline we can find out which stimuli people pay more attention to and which do not to, in order to consolidate sales strategies and marketing actions more focused on our audience.

Director of Window Display, Visual Merchandising and Projects www.joseluisledesma.com

Types of neuromarketing

There are a different type of neuromarketing:

  • Auditory: is the one that focuses on the sense of hearing to achieve its objectives. It’s mainly used in sound resources such as music.
  • Visual: is the one that is based on the sense of sight and studies how a consumer reacts to seeing a product.
  • Kinesthetic: it is based on touch, taste and smell. It has incredibly high potential, as it can increase consumer desire by receiving some encouragement.

Neuromarketing and fashion

The possibilities that neuromarketing offers to the fashion and retail sector are almost unlimited. 

When a consumer enters a store, all of their senses, from taste to touch, are activated, and have an impact on how they behave.

Constantly analysing techniques to optimize the conversion of a brand’s products based on customer behaviour in the purchasing process is also essential to ensure a satisfactory experience.

One of the most applied neuromarketing techniques in the physical store is aromatization: the power of aromas. This technique consists of using a pleasant and recognizable scent throughout the sales space that increases the emotional levels of customers.

It’s about activating all the senses of the clients generating stimuli capable of providing emotional anchors that benefit the business.

Another key tool for creating subliminal sensations is lighting. A cold light is recommended to illuminate bright items. Instead, warm light invites you to step in.

The tones and vibrations of the music can also cause emotions such as euphoria or tranquillity and condition the way the consumer behaves in the store. In the first case, it serves to motivate the purchase by impulse; in the second, it is used to extend the time of stay in the store.

Director of Window Display, Visual Merchandising and Projects www.joseluisledesma.com

In the fashion industry, the colours of visual merchandising are very important, because they interact with the colours of the products on display. It’s recommended, for example, to use neutral colours that do not affect the perception of the tones of the garments and cause a feeling of tranquillity that invites you to walk around the store and spend more time in it.

Neuromarketing is not only a powerful tool for the physical space but also for the offline sale. We can, in fact, measure the impact on the customer of e-commerce by analysing their experience, and the information that motivates them.

Having a greater knowledge of the stimuli that affect people and how they affect them, is a continuous bet for many companies.

That deeper knowledge will ensure the creation of tailor-made products and experiences for customers.

Having a professional with experience in the sector and the ability to apply these concepts in your market strategy will be fundamental to achieve great results and loyalty consumers.

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