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The future of fashion in Asia

When we think about Asia, we are thinking about technology, innovation and future. Nowdays,  the industry of fashion in the Asian Market it’s growing every day more.

In fact, in the last years, the economic statistics tell us that fashion, design and creative services have been growing in an unstoppable way; and Asia, without any doubt, has been the protagonist of this important development.

The flourishing economy of this continent, the taste for luxury and the numerous emerging designers that we find, create a perfect ecosystem for fashion to live a moment of impressive rise and be a source of inspiration and trends.

For example, the ‘neutral gender’ is gaining more relevance on covers and runways in Asia. Many artistic directors of the fashion world, such as Nicola Formichetti, Artistic Director of Diesel, define Asia as the example that the rest of countries should follow.

The Asian continent has much to contribute in terms of fashion. A generation of designers with a global look and with a proposal in which influences from the West and the East are crossed.

For this reason, the fashion world has turned its attention to Asia and more specifically to China. This country raises an important interest in the international fashion industry.

“I approached every country through dreams” Yves Saint Laurent once said. 

Asia have influenced the famous designer and other European artists, this fascination can be seen reflected in some of their collections.

In the Asian continent we find cities that stand out for their creativity and innovation.

In spite of so much creativity, we can continue to find many commercial spaces that present a poor display window decoration, very low in concept and set up. This, transmit an erroneous message to the client.

Bad example of the distribution of space, concept and decoration of this window display.

For example, Shopping Centers are key places to create high quality decorations to attract customers, which often are not used enough.

The most important thing at the moment of developing a Visual Merchandising Plan is to have a powerful concept and a high quality execution, in order to not be left behind in this Era of great changes and advances.

Through an accurate technique, the Visual Merchandising teams can maximize sales creating windows display that can excite and attract possible customers. Therefore, the key is working with professionals from the sector.

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