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UN Sustainable Development Goals: Reduce inequality.

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In 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, it is a project to undertake new challenges and habits to improve everyone’s life, without leaving anyone behind.

The Agenda has 17 Sustainable Development Goals, from the elimination of poverty to combating climate change, education, equality for women and environmental protection. But today we will focus on the goal number 10 set for this month: reduce inequality.

We know that economic growth is not enough to reduce poverty, if it is not inclusive and the three dimensions of sustainable development are not taken into account: economic, social and environmental.

One of the boosted points in order to achieve these goals is to improve export conditions that come from developing countries, landlocked and small island states. However, inequality and considerable disparities in access to health, education, and other productive assets are still present. Therefore, the application of universal policies that pay special attention to these points are truly important.

Likewise, more and more industries are supporting these policies and are dedicated to fighting for a more equitable world. But then, which role fashion can play in order to impulse economic growth in developing countries and generate a positive change in people’s habits?

The fashion world has always been a faithful companion and reflection of society, changing and adapting to it. To this day, it is very important to become aware of how fashion can and should be a tool for education. Since it has the power to reach a very wide audience and its ability to influence entire generations, it can be very useful to create a better future.

As we know fashion industry can be very powerful, but objectively, what can it do to make the difference?

Take the example of Stella McCartney, who has been one of the pioneers in uniting fashion with a sustainable philosophy, that has been followed by firms like Gucci or Versace. In 2018 Salvatore Ferragamo allied with the company Orange Fiber, and created a collection made from orange peels, with which after success they have started to collaborate regularly. Vivienne Westwood has collaborated since 2010 with the Ethical Fashion Initiative to promote activism and achieve social improvements in developing countries.

As we can see, fashion is one of the most direct ways to express messages, impact the public through its collections, catwalks, and windows displays. This last one is a very powerful communication tool for a brand, since it denotes the essence, style and philosophy of the company.

Through a sustainable window displays we will be able to display the brand values. To build and spread all these concepts it’s very important to have a good artistic direction. A Project Manager specialized in Retail will be the key figure that can guide you towards these goals.



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