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The fashion industry and its management

Director of Window Display, Visual Merchandising and Projects www.joseluisledesma.com

Any stakeholders that participates in the fashion industry should be informed of any fact that may affect the state of good health of its company, store, brand, image, etc.

Involvement in the needs that occur in the fashion industry is an important issue to be able to transform that awareness of the situation, in the effectiveness of each function and performance that each one has in the industry itself.

It is also essential to have the plan risk responses, in order to solve problems that endanger the objectives of the participants in the fashion industry.

It’s clear that within the circumstances that occur in each period, there are factors that favour us and others that do not. Especially circumstances can become harsh without good planning and its management, especially if we speak within a change of Era, as is the case today, with the so-called “Digitisation Era”.

Director of Window Display, Visual Merchandising and Projects www.joseluisledesma.com

The case of the Retail and Fashion industry

In the Retail industry, in stable circumstances, the online sales activity has had remarkable growth and profitability, with high advantages in the face of the unfortunate closures of physical sales spaces, on the other hand the creation of Retail companies without the need install commercial spaces, solving time problems on the part of the client, etc.

But there are a number of factors that can lead to being a real nuisance with economic consequences, both for entrepreneurs and customers.

As an example of some of the current issues, such as logistics and customer service, there are some points to keep in mind:

  • The online sale, transfers physical products to real customers, who expect a positive shopping experience that has to do with the expectation offered by the seller. With which, the logistics system of these companies have the obligation to not only be effective, if not the best. And Amazon knows a lot about that, which recently announced that it has bought eleven Boeing 767-300 aircraft from Delta and WestJet airlines in order to strengthen its air fleet in the face of increasing orders over the Internet.
  • Although Inditex has a very powerful logistics system, specifically shop online system, it depends on private external transport companies, which depending on the effectiveness of said transport companies, the reception of the product by the client, can take from 7 to 15 days. With which, there is no immediate effect, feeling of exclusivity, satisfaction, etc., that the physical space does provide.
  • In the event that these brands, using national postal services, the purchase may take much longer. If not, you have to go pick it up yourself, it has nothing to do with the experience of buying from a certain brand.
Director of Window Display, Visual Merchandising and Projects www.joseluisledesma.com
  • Retail business need a solid delivery system, door to door, so that what you buy through online sales, arrives in 48 hours maximum at the time of your home, without excuse. With properly trained distribution professionals with a team that guarantees the quality of service and performance of said professional.
  • Brands have the obligation to get transport companies that are part of that brand philosophy, transmitting the customer service and shopping experience policies of said brand. Otherwise, the brand loses control over its activity and feedback.
  • Other aspects to be greatly improved in almost all the brands are their customer service system, which is still inaccessible, with robotic responses, which has nothing to do with customer needs. As well, an agile response system before possible problems with the product.

What is fundamental is that in all projects, all participants have to be aligned with the interests of the project itself.

It makes no sense for companies to invest resources, if the customer’s final shopping experience is different from the promised intention. To solve it, it is essential to have suitable Director of projects with emotional intelligence skills with appropriate team, to be able to reach the goals.

Director of Window Display, Visual Merchandising and Projects www.joseluisledesma.com

Within the position of Director of Visual Merchandising, there is a very important design, management, production and logistics work, which it needs to be complemented with the knowledge that project management training provides.

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