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The best companies to work for?

The real challenge for modern companies is not only to attract physical capital, but the human one.

The growth of companies and their work dynamics are directly linked to the evolution of professional figures.

In a Digital Age, the ideal professionals are those who have a hybrid formation so they can fit better in the fluid economy. Certainly, an expert with an art career along with a business or technical specialization represents a significant contribution for any company.

Today, the most important goal is to create a business culture that values employees’ private lives, increasing the productivity without neglecting the salary aspect.

In fact, in the last years, so many companies have worked on these factors, managing to enter in the ranking of the best places to work.

Recently, we’ve heard a lot about “emotional salary”. It refers to those non-economic remuneration that the companies offer to the employees in order to increase the business culture and meet their needs.

Often, the emotional salary can represent the “deciding factor” for employees.

More and more professionals are prioritizing benefits beyond the pay issue.

So, it’s important to keep in mind that this happens only when the emotional salary is not accompanied by a reduction of salary conditions.

It is understood that the relationship between employers and companies, is based on the conditions agreed upon under a contract, thus sealing these conditions in writing, together with the trust between both parties. The abuse of any of the parties would generate “disenchantment” and the breakdown of the relationship, consequently. Being after the negotiation, respect, is the second cornerstone of the relationship between companies and workers.

In other words, it’s essential to value professionals by offering, apart from a salary retribution according to their experience, attitude and consistent with their formation, also an emotional one in order to coordinate their professional and family-personal life.

The companies that have invested in these changes are those that have become the best places to work, thus increasing their productivity and profit. According to the Great Place to Work ranking in 2019, these are the best companies chosen by their employees:

  • 1. Cisco (Information Technology)
  • 2. Hilton Worldwide (Hospitality)
  • 3. Salesforce (Information Technology)
  • 4. DHL Express (Transportation)
  • 5. Mars, Incorporated (Manufacturing & Production)
  • 6. SAP SE (Information Technology)
  • 7. EY (Professional Services)
  • 8. Stryker Corporation (Healthcare)
  • 9. SAS (Information Technology)
  • 10. Workday (Information Technology)

This study has been created by Great Place to Work®, a consultancy that announces the 25 best companies to work for each year. These organizations have been chosen after an accurate analysis of more than 8,000 companies and 12 million employees.

As regards the Fashion and Retail sector, there are three very interesting Asian firms. We bet seeing them very soon in the ranking of the best places to work. We are talking about:

  • Li Ning Company Limited, founded in 1990 by Olympic gymnast Li Ning. It represents one of the largest suppliers of footwear and sports equipment in China, with a superior design and with great success as a trend. The firm also sponsors a large number of athletes and teams, from China and abroad. In 2018 it was the first Chinese brand to sponsor the uniforms of the Club Puebla football team.
  • Zalora, lunched in 2012, is one of the most important e-commerce platforms in the Asian market. Its development has been very fast, achieving interesting results in a really short time. Its business culture stands out to offer a very flexible schedule to its employees and many professional and personal benefits.
  • Dotst is the e-commerce of Adastria, one of the most important Japanese business group. The company was founded in 1953, initially named Fukudaya Clothes Store Inc. Apart from having an e-commerce, in constant growth, they have physical stores of some of its brands in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. Its proposal offers different styles of garments suitable to reflect the uniqueness of each client. Among their firms, Hare stands out, a brand developed in 2001. This brand is one of the most attractive and promising in the market; without a doubt one of our favorites. With its elegant and modern lines, its colors and patterns, the firm designs garments inspired by emotions, fun and everyday life, is something that goes beyond cute. Adastria is a company with a lot of strength and innovative spirit. Their values ​​include sustainability, transparency, inclusion of people in all production processes and the defense of their rights.

And for you, which are the best companies to work for?

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