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Teresa Helbig: creativity and talent  

Window display design and production management, Visual Merchandising and Project management, Diseño de escaparates y gestión de la producción, Visual Merchandising y Gestión de los Proyectos

Teresa Helbig is undoubtedly one of the first names that come to mind if we talk about professionals who love their profession and stand out for its talent.

– “Once they invited me to a party and I decided to make a dress with feathers, sewn one by one, and it attracted so much attention, people asked me so much about it, where it was from, At that moment I thought that I could make a mini-collection”. – That is how Teresa Helbig, relates how she started in the fashion world. She began her path as a visual window display designer for many shops in Barcelona until she found her true vocation as fashion designer.

The firm Helbig was born in 1996, initiated by Teresa and her talented mother, Teresa Blasco, a professional seamstress and dressmaker who, from an early age, encouraged her daughter’s curiosity and passion for this field. Two generations of women who have worked together to create one of the most experienced brands in Spain.

In fact, with more than 24 years of presence in the fashion world, today, the Catalan designer is a benchmark to draw inspiration.

The Helbig Girls

The garments of this firm are recognized for their uniqueness, in fact, all of them are hand made to the last detail and stand out for their beauty and elegance. The Helbig style has been defined as timeless, fresh, romantic, feminine, sophisticated style with a provocative and punk touch.

For that reason, actresses and many national and international personalities, have been lucky to wear a Helbig dress, among them: Olivia Wilde, Úrsula Corberó, Inma Cuesta, Rosalía, Macarena Gómez, Amaia Romero, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Zendaya, Saoirse Ronan and Halle Berry. Teresa defines the Helbig woman as rebellious, independent, curious and hard-working.

The designer has always shown her great passion for his profession and from the beginning she has been a pioneer in several aspects, for instance, she was one of the first designers to dare with fashion films and from the beginning she has sold her designs just after the runway.

The importance of teamwork

At the head of the business, next to Teresa, along with Teresa Blasco, is also her husband: Chema Paré. The Helbigs have their atelier, studio and showroom in Barcelona, in a modernist building from 1905 located in the Eixample neighborhood. They have an indispensable team of 20 people: dressmakers, pattern designers, assistants, photographers, florists, shoemakers, jewelers, artisans, graphic designers and journalists, among others, together they create ready-to-wear, sewing and bridal collections. Teresa affirms that her atelier is, above all, home.

“All my team is irreplaceable and I don’t know how I would do it if they weren’t a few meters beyond my design table” – Teresa Helbig.

There is no doubt that the success of her brilliant career is due to his creativity, hard work and the love for this profession, however the cornerstone for this and any other project lies in the importance of teamwork.

“Being a fashion designer has never been an easy job. There are all the hours of the world, and with very unromantic parts: production, numbers, logistics, shipping. Sometimes fashion is like an Excel, sometimes you have to make an extra effort so this tedious part take doesn’t take away your passion or energy for the other part, the beautiful one, the creative one, the one to take the fabric and the mannequin and start dreaming “- Teresa Helbig.

Without any doubt, Teresa Helbig will continue to inspire us with many more projects and innovative ideas.

A constant professional who loves his trade, doing it every day with creativity and passion, undoubtedly she has the necessary talent to create successful projects, being consequently a source of inspiration for many other people. In any field, especially in the fashion industry, teamwork, defined leadership, and having specialists in each area who have tools based on emotional intelligence are essential. Also, is crucial that the interests of all people involved must be aligned with the interests of the project, since only in this way, the success of the project will be assured.






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