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Seasonal Marketing Campaigns and Window Displays

With the arrival of Autumn, while many fashion brands are rushing to launch their Spring/Summer 2020 collections there are others that take advantage of the season change like Halloween to bring out seasonal marketing campaigns.

Seasonal marketing consists in creating campaigns, according to current events, for example, holidays or special days.


In the world of Fashion and Window Display, nowadays, we can’t talk exclusively of two seasons spring-summer and autumn-winter. Today, shops can change its collections and its windows displays every two weeks.

The visual saturation and the need of creating impact on the consumer affect directly the way we consume, generating almost an obligation imposed by the speed at which the fashion industry moves and to which more and more brands are joining.

Trends in Window Display Design and Visual Merchandising sector today, require fastest changes, flexibility, high creativity is the most time accompanied by a tight budget.

This need has resulted in increasingly ephemeral campaigns. For brands it’s important take advantage of every opportunity, even for a limited time.

To create an effective seasonal campaign is essential have professionals who know how to react quickly, according to the evolution of trends, needs of the client and also guide you in the design and strategy of visual windows.

This type of seasonal campaigns has important advantages, among them, the increase in store visits, where customers come to see the latest collections. This model can generate fast gains and the capacity to respond to customer needs. This allows to locate products quickly, more accessible price to the pocket and reach a wider public.

Don’t forget that each new season must have a new story and the obligation to set a new scenario.

However, on the other hand, teaches us that consumption through seasonal campaigns and fast fashion is growing rapidly raising great difficulties for the resources of our planet, so many firms are taking care about this matter minimizing waste and pollution in order to produce fashion without damaging the environment.

Finally, if you are thinking about launching a seasonal campaign for your brand, remember that the most important thing is understanding your customer, propose a collection that explain current trends and make a team with Retail and Visual Merchandising professionals who can help you develop an appropriate strategy in order to achieve the desired goals.

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