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Scent marketing: the power of the senses

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Scent Marketing is one of the most innovative techniques in the last few years and an opportunity to attract new customers and reinforce brand image or product awareness.

The creation of sensory experiences through smell determines the future of sensory marketing. But what exactly is Sensory Marketing?

Sensory Marketing

In today’s demanding times, one of the main challenges for brands is to create and maintain relevance. 

Scent marketing is part of sensory marketing. The definition of sensory marketing is based on those commercial actions whose main strategies appeal to the simplest and most basic functions of people. 

The current innovation offered by sensory marketing is focused on enriching experiences, on capturing information through the different senses.

Scent marketing is a modern science that consists of using specific scents and perfumes in the retail space in order to evoke emotions, to influence consumer behaviour and the mood of employees.

The strategy aims to alter one of the most sensitive senses of the human being: the sense of smell, which can be the one that remains in the memory for the longest time. 

Of all our senses, the most primitive and deeply rooted is smell. When we smell something, the receptors in the nose connect directly with a part of the brain called the limbic brain, which controls emotions, memories and feelings of well-being.

According to research conducted by psychologist Eric Spangenberg, a vanilla scent in a feminine products store led to a doubling of sales compared to another store with the same characteristics but without any scent. 

Benefits of Scent Marketing

There is no specific type of company or sector to implement this type of marketing in products and establishments.

It is certain that food businesses “are the ones that have started to use this tool the earliest, either through smells such as freshly brewed coffee or baked bread” (Wakefield and Baker, 1998).

Although this tool is not new, in fact street vendors were already using the technique hundreds of years ago by lighting incense to attract the attention of their customers, scent marketing is gaining importance and entering a boom period in recent years.

This type of technique undoubtedly has many advantages when it comes to improving revenue and customer loyalty, but what else can it do?

Let’s take a look at its main advantages:

  • Not Intrusive
  • Associates brand values related to the scent
  • Connect with your customers
  • Increase sales
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Strengthen brand image
  • Enhance branding
  • Awaken emotions and evoke memories in customers
  • Increase employee concentration

Scent marketing trends in the fashion industry

Some of the latest trends used in scent marketing linked to the fashion industry are: cotton candy, strawberry or vanilla for the children’s textile industry, fresh and citrus scents for young fashion and wood or leather scents for new shoes, among others.
The olfactory techniques of sensory marketing have been growing to become one of the most interesting tools for your business.

The key to a successful strategy is to make it memorable. This way we can have a deeper impact on our customers and build customer loyalty, because in an increasingly digital world the importance of ensuring sensory experiences at the point of sale is essential.

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