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Pop Up Stores and Visual Merchandising

Window display design and production management, Diseño de escaparates y gestión de la producción. www.joseluisledesma.com

Pop Up Stores are temporary stores that have a particular staging depending on the product, brand and objectives. These ephemeral stores have a limited period of time: they can be maintained for hours, days, weeks or months.

But, what is the purpose of a Pop-Up Store?

The goal of Pop Up Stores is to be located in places of great affluence with the intention to surprise, inspire and generate a great impact on potential customers. It can also be of great help to test new sales lines, give exclusivity to certain products or cover specific seasonal periods.

These temporary spaces allow brands to create a unique environment that engages their customers and allows them to generate feelings of relevance and interactivity.

Pop Up Stores around the world

There are many brands that have adopted this format, which despite its ephemeral nature is able to generate a great impact in the long term. Below, we will review some of the most memorable Pop Up Stores from around the world:

  • Adidas: the sports brand in 2013 with the aim of promoting the Stan Smith sneakers made a very surprising presentation in London: a pop-up store in the form of a shoebox in giant size.
  • Hermès: the luxury brand created in 2016 Hermèsmatic: temporary stores in cities such as Milan, Barcelona and Madrid where you could customize vintage scarves through a free dyeing process. Creating a whole experience based on silk.
  • Lacoste: in 2012 the French brand bet to create a pop-up store in one of the most famous festivals in the world: Coachella. The space designed by the Aruliden studio (New York) was made from redesigned metal containers.

What are the benefits of Pop Up Stores?

The versatility of pop up stores can help us create unique spaces and unforgettable experiences. A well-structured pop up store can bring great benefits, among the most relevant we can find:

  • Uniqueness: the space is unique and unrepeatable, so customers who visit the Pop-Up Store must live an impressive experience.
  • Location: one of the main characteristics of a Pop-Up Store is to be located in the most popular areas of the city, which ensures a high influx. If it is an online business, a physical store can be opened temporarily to reach customers offline as well, covering both sides of the market, as in the case of AliExpress or Amazon.
  • Branding: an ideal action to transmit or reinforce the image and positioning of the brand.
  • Viral Content: a creative space will make the media talk about it. The spreading of the news of the opening can help us to improve the brand image, to reach a new type of public or to present a certain new product.
  • Experience: thanks to the exclusivity and originality of the event, combined with all the sensory marketing tools, Pop-Up Stores can offer an experience that consumers will not forget.

Pop Up Stores have been able to fundamentally change the retail sector by breaking away from the routine of stores and commercial establishments, and from the usual brand positioning strategies, to create a superior impact on the minds and emotions of consumers.

Window display design and production management, Diseño de escaparates y gestión de la producción. www.joseluisledesma.com

Success and Pop Up Stores

Brands that decide to opt for this commercial strategy must take into account a series of factors that will be the key to their final success:

  • The space in which the Pop Up Store will be developed must offer a unique experience in accordance with the type of products to be marketed. Emblematic places in big cities, museums or industrial warehouses are perfect places to organize ephemeral spaces.
  • Having a solid communication strategy, in addition to having an expert in the creation of commercial spaces such as a Window Display Designer & Visual Merchandising Manager is essential to get the right audience and create an efficient and attractive space.

The success of a Pop Up Store is knowing how to create unique experiences, offer exclusive products and a personalized treatment for each of the people who come to the space.

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