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Podcasts and fashion

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Podcasts are becoming one of the most appreciated and used formats that have been revolutionizing the world of communication and entertainment.

According to a study conducted by Digital News Report, podcasts in Spain are used by 39% of Spanish Internet users, whose purposes are: to inform (45%), educate (31%) and entertain (34%).

In 2020, according to Listen Note, there were 1.7 million podcasts with more than 82 million episodes in more than 100 languages; English being the main language with 900,000 programs, followed by Spanish with 100,000.

The advantages of podcasts are many: you can listen to them wherever you want, while doing other activities, besides it does not require a large investment for the brands that want to produce them, allowing to communicate and tell stories in a simple and direct way.

It is also a very accessible format, you only need a device with an internet connection to access the applications developed for this purpose. Among the most used are iVoox, Apple Podcast and Spotify.

Certainly, this formula for information and entertainment has come to stay.

In the fashion industry there are already many brands that have opted for podcasts. Here is a list of our personal selection.

  • Fash-ON Fash-OFF

This i-D podcast, comes direct from London, is indispensable for all those who are passionate about fashion, style and the latest trends. You can get inspired by listening to talk about the designer’s collections and everything you need to know about fashion. You can find it on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

  • THE MEMORY OF… With John Galliano.

This celebrated podcast first launched in 2018 and is still very successful.

It’s a journey inside Galliano’s personal atelier where the designer reveals his way of thinking, understanding fashion and about new ways of defining feminine or masculine.A story usually heard only by those who belong to the fashion circle.” This is how he describes it. Essential to be inspired and learn from one of the most visionary designers in fashion.

  • Gucci Podcast

Gucci Podcast is available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Podcast. The topics are varied and very interesting, with guests such as Massimo Bottura, the three Michelin star chef in charge of Gucci Osteria. Each episode focuses on important topics for the brand, such as feminism and the socio-cultural problems that we are living today. You can’t miss it!

Director of Window Display, Visual Merchandising and Projects www.joseluisledesma.com
  • Dressed: The History Of Fashion

This podcast created and hosted by Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan explores the incredible social and cultural history behind the clothes we wear every day. You can find a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday.

  • The Collective Podcast

Although is not a fashion-specific podcast, The Collective Podcast offers bi-weekly episodes of entertaining and informative discussions with creative industry leaders from around the world. Created and hosted by designer and director Ash Thorp, it aims to explore the struggles of work/life balance to share the experiences of influential creatives from all walks of media, including designers, illustrators, visual effects artists, writers, painters and programmers. It’s definitely a must-have podcast for all lovers of creativity.

  • La moda dice

This podcast directed by the Argentine Eugenia Maurello, a journalist with a postgraduate degree in Sociology of Design, tells us about fashion and its social role, covering topics such as sustainability and diversity.

  • Slow Fashion Life

Slow Fashion Life is a bi-weekly podcast that approaches issues of the fashion world but from a perspective of sustainability. Cristina Aparicio, the host of the podcast, spreads sustainable fashion through interviews and stories of different sustainable brands, women entrepreneurs and their experiences with slow fashion reflecting on topics such as sustainable fabrics, the origin of clothing and fashion scene from an ethical perspective.

  • Un Podcast de Moda

Un Podcast de Moda de S Moda (El País) is one of the Spanish-language podcasts on fashion par excellence.

The journalists Clara Ferrero and Carlos Megía, tell us about trends, entertainment, analyzing all the looks of the red carpets and the most important events in the fashion world with their direct and simple way of communicating. 

This is our personal selection of the most interesting podcasts of the moment about fashion and design, without a doubt, there are many more creators in this panorama that offer quality content. What are your essential podcasts?

Sources: Digital News Report, Listen Note, Apple Podcast, SModa

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