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The return of retail spaces

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Retail spaces are experiencing a new golden age after the boom of online commerce in the last decade.

Despite the increasing degree of digitalisation of retail, the sector has returned in 2022 to bet on physical sales, with stores as meeting points to offer brand experiences to customers and maintain the personal touch. 

In fact, as Adyen reports in its Adyen Retail 2021 Report, it reveals that seven out of ten consumers surveyed prefer to shop in physical stores. 

Consumers are looking for an experience that can only be achieved in the retail space and, in addition, they are concerned about the sustainability of the product they buy and are interested in supporting local commerce and proximity goods.

These are some of the conclusions of the Adyen report that provides a snapshot of consumer preferences according to the autonomous communities of residence.

Five reasons why consumers choose to shop in retail spaces

Despite the facility of shopping online, a study by Axis Communication highlights that 34% of Spanish people prefer to make their purchases in physical stores. Let’s take a look at the main reasons:

  1. Direct contact with the products: undoubtedly, this option puts the product in the hands of the customer and that is “a value that most are not willing to give up, at least for now”. 
  2. Human relationship with the sales assistant: in its Axis report it indicates “80% of shoppers value having a person who advises, guides them on the products they have in the store and even offers advice”. The importance of direct contact and the experience offered to customers in retail spaces is key to brand loyalty and reputation.
  3. Simplicity in exchanges or returns: buying online makes this process slower and often not very sustainable.
  4. Shopping: enjoying an afternoon of shopping is both an attractive way to get physical exercise and have a good time outside the home. 
  5. More payment security: security is an essential point when it comes shopping, so it is another factor in favor of commercial spaces. Although online transactions are becoming increasingly secure, there is always the fear of what might happen to our data.

After the “boom” of online commerce, what we desire is to go out for a walk, eat, have a coffee and go shopping in physical retail spaces.

Thanks to this trend for the Retail sector, the range of shopping possibilities and competitiveness is opening up. For this reason, having an expert in the Direction of Visual Merchandising and Projects is an essential advantage for this new era.

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