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Interaction in the retail space

Window display design and production management, Diseño de escaparates y gestión de la producción. www.joseluisledesma.com

Interaction is the key to a successful retail space. Experimentation and the numerous ways to create interactions with customers are the great advantage of having a physical retail space where consumers can; see, touch, try the product and live a true brand experience.

In Retail, as in many other sectors, consumer habits are changing and especially with the rise of e-commerce have been transforming, so it is very important to always keep innovating and looking for a way to stay connected with our audience.

Each company, depending on its objectives, has to reflect on what values it can bring to the consumer and how to differentiate itself.

Shopping experience

Commercial spaces are configured by factors that stimulate the customer’s senses and are transmitted through materials, textures, lighting, etc.

As architect Juhani Pallasmaa says: “We contemplate, touch, listen and measure the world with our entire physical existence. We are in constant dialogue and interaction with the environment.

What is the customer interaction?

Customer interaction refers to all the ways in which customers interact, both physically and online.

Ideally, these interactions should create a positive reaction and build a customer-brand bond.

Companies that focus on customer engagement will focus on value creation rather than revenue creation. In this way, they provide people with something meaningful, beyond a sales pitch. Such as an experience, customer service or real-time interaction that, when executed correctly, will foster loyalty and sales growth.

Why customer participation is important

Today, there are more and more ways to interact with customers.

To drive consumer interaction, brands must actively work to connect with customers at every opportunity. Whatever engagement strategy is employed, it is important to be consistent in crafting messages that are brand-related and appropriate for the target audience. Deliver a consistent experience, in pursuit of trust and engagement.

Create an excellent customer experience

In order to create a superior experience, you must first look at all the ways in which you interact with your customers, whether in a physical shop or digital medium.

It is not only about making the user experience smooth and efficient, but it is also very important that the brand has a unique personality, which invites customers to get to know it and interact with it.

This is where brand awareness comes into play. For some brands, this might mean, for example, sourcing materials from suppliers that support their values and ethics. For others, it might come from the brand’s historical origins. Whatever it is, it is essential to find ways to highlight that authentic character, because before engaging with a brand, the customer needs to be aware that it exists and that it has something relevant to offer.

Window display design and production management, Diseño de escaparates y gestión de la producción. www.joseluisledesma.com

Monsieur Rose by Philippe Katerine

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and


What are the ways to build interaction in our shop?

Here are some practical examples of how to create interaction in a commercial space:

  • Immersive art: Using artists, designers, architects or sculptors to create immersive and impactful installations. 
  • Gamification: The idea of proposing “games” allowing the audience to win prizes or discounts, for example, is a very dynamic and fun way to create interaction.
  • Surprising spaces: Deconstructed spaces, innovative furniture, mirrors on the floor, designer chairs with very original shapes. Curious furniture will be an interesting way to surprise customers.

These are just a few examples of interaction that we can give to our commercial space and with a touch of creativity to give it originality and innovation through interactivity. The goal is: to create an unforgettable brand experience. Don’t hesitate to contact an expert who can advise you on your commercial strategy.

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