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Customer service

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Would you go back to consuming where you haven’t received good customer service? How would you like to be treated when entering any commercial space, whether offline or online? What value does it have for you; your confidence, time and resources? What value do you have of yourself?

All these questions are related to whether or not to repeat consumption in a commercial space.

The fiction of social networks triumphs, due to the mediocrity of reality. Commercial spaces have had a favorable evolution, although shop displays are a pending matter, especially in the range of small and medium-sized companies, while customer service has been abandoned until the non-existence of their standards. Even in online experiences, customer service is poor.

Bad manners, a bad expression, reluctance, contempt, a bad tone, ego, bad appearance or a poor personal hygiene. Commercial spaces with a mediocre image, flaws, a website with technical problems or not very functional. Poor management within the activity, etc. All this, unfortunately, happens much more than we think, in a world flooded by the distorted image of social networks, reality does not invite consumption.

Customer service is an essential part of successfully completing the customer experience, regardless of whether they have consumed. Not only are resources wasted in creating customer service criteria, but there is no efficient monitoring and supervision for a positive evolution.

“When people speak, they listen completely. Most people never listen ” Ernest Hemingway.

All companies know the theory of how the customer is served, but why is there such a difference between customer service and attention between Europe and Asia? Especially in the South Pacific area, the excellence of the level of customer service is a truth in small, medium and large companies.

We can affirm that we are in the era of the experience market where the customer values a positive experience and this value goes far beyond simply buying a product. Today’s consumer is a well-informed consumer, who has new habits and behaviours based on technological advances and, above all, who values the quality of the services and the care received.

To achieve these expectations, companies must understand the importance of having a highly trained, committed team with experience in different sectors.

In the world of fashion, it’s essential that the figure of the Director of Visual Merchandising has training also as a Project Manager, who have the responsibility of commercial value, coordination, guarantee excellent customer service and follow-up on it.

Heroes do not exist, but professionals, committed, respectful and responsible people.

Europe don’t need to make a change to this, it needs to apply, maintain and evolve, what it is currently is just a theory.

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