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#windowdisplay #visualmerchandising #retail #ValentinesDay2019 #SanValentin2019

Red is 🔥❤️ discover why. #windowdisplay #visualmerchandising #retail #ValentinesDay2019 #SanValentin2019

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Discover how to create an attractive window display for these dates. #windowdisplay #visualmerchandising #retail #ValentinesDay2019 #SanValentin2019

“Just those whom see the invisible, they be able to do the impossible.”

Global Window Designer - Visual Merchandising Manager/Director - Retail Consultant



Global Visual Merchandising Manager/Director

Armada Retail Concept

2014 - 2016

Senior Visual Merchandising Manager/Director

Riva Fashion


Visual Merchandiser Manager RTW Man & travel goods department

El Corte Inglés

2014 - 2008

Visual Merchandising & Events Department

Hugo Bosss


Window Dressing Department


2006 - 2004

Visual Merchandiser Manager & Window Dresser


2003 - 2004

Window Dressing & Merchandising Department

Vitrina BCN

2003 - 2000

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  • Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Discover how to create an attractive window display for these dates. 1) The color is the key for an attractive window display. Warm tones and pastel colors are the most suitable tones for Valentine's Day. Above all, red with its 105 shades is the color of love, fire, passion and luxury and in countries, like China, it's also the color of happiness. This past 5 February began the Chinese New Year: the Year of the Pig. With its characteristic decorations can be a source of inspiration to create an original display. In

  • One of the best examples of Window display investment in the retail is the Christmas campaign. Although, it is true that there are other campaigns with a cultural origin such as Ramadan, Halloween, Easter, Diwali, Hanukkah, etc. Christmas, could be the campaign reaches higher billing rates internationally. There are more than 170 countries display Christmas, in a way or another preparing your business to be able to increase the sales during this campaign. Although in general these celebrations have a religious origin, they have been derived to a commercial event mostly. Acquiring more

  • Técnicas de diseño de escaparates del futuro: el target objetivo siempre serán las personas. Cada vez resulta más habitual ver cómo el mundo del retail quiere reinventarse apostando por incorporar la tecnología a todo el entorno. Aquí se incluyen, por supuesto los escaparates. Si bien estos han sido siempre un escenario de comunicación visual enfocado en las personas en el que la marca comunica las novedades, las ofertas, o incluso un determinado lifestyle a su público, se están desarrollando técnicas de diseño de escaparates que van un paso más allá. Algunas de estas

  • My favourite mannequins: Hans Boodt To change, as the world changes too. To believe a shop is always perfect, is a mistake. The world goes forwards, with different circumstances, people’s tastes evolve and our perceptions changes much faster than the fashion industry. Therefore, in the same way, the image of your shop must offer more and be up to customers’ preferences. Therefore it is essential to use mannequins from company that invests in research, technology and design. Hans Boodt knows that. Hans Boodt is a great international brand of mannequins with

  • My favourite mannequins: Atrezzo A store without mannequins, is an unfinished store, a naked store, without identify. It is essential to resemble our life style, enhancing retail service, seducing and caring for customers, using ways to exhibit and decorate close to our human traits but without cloning us; comfortable surprising and providing security during our shop experience without being overwhelming. Atrezzo, ​​is the international brand of excellence made in Spain. Committed to creativity, making and care with excellent results. Of course, that is only my opinion, but I have been using Atrezzo

  • Instore / dentro de la tienda: Visual Merchandising. 🇬🇧 If fashion collections, window displays, store style are always changing, why do in-store display not change? A clear Visual Merchandising aim is the fast identification of shop product by the customer. Customised interior decoration of the store helps to place the customer in the corresponding environment and it must be changeable. It is a common technique, within shopping centers and spaces in department stores, to create an display with mannequins and decorations, that  can offer responses to questions such as: what can I find in

  • Los salarios pueden llegar a ser un tema incomodo en las entrevistas de trabajo para algunos, sobre todo si eres primerizo o estudiante. Escaparatismo y Visual Merchandising, son áreas muy creativas, de un gran gasto de energía, fundamentales para el éxito de las empresas Retail. Y nos gusta que nuestros salarios se adecuen a nuestra capacidad, formación y buenos resultados, cualitativa y cuantitativamente

  • Negotiation: break bad habits I believe strongly in the negotiation skills. Basic and important are to start/keep a business relationship or resolve issues. True, there are people with natural negotiation skills capable to get successfully  in their goals than other ones. In my opinion, without this ability, easily will be possible break off relations, quit projects or any other unconfortable situation.   Our profession have a big part from our personal bonding /involvement. These arttistics skills come from our heart. Have conflicts due to a bad negotiation, will affect our sensibility in terms of production & creation. Because

  • Back to school Marketing campaign planing is crucial in Retail. It would not be realized, without Visual Merchandising. The campaign's success, back to school will depend largely on how attractive the Window Design is. Remember a good Window Display ensures a 75% chance that the customer goes into the shop with the intention of buying. Before starting to work on Visual Merchandising and / or Window Display, it is necessary to determine the correct approach to ensure effectiveness. Back to school, it is not only a campaign to cover the needs of our

  • Five clues for beginners / Cinco pistas para principiantes 1. Sales. Taking a walk, getting lost in the city and focusing on luxury brands, as well as lesser known boutiques, because they have a very original products selection. In sales season, you will get a product with a nice quality and nice price. 1. Rebajas. Dar un paseo, perderse por la ciudad y enfocar en lo que nos puede ofrecer las marcas de lujo, como también las boutiques menos conocidas, pero que tienen una selección de producto muy original. Podrás optar a un producto

  • La Felicidad & Visual Merchandising Mientras que en Europa, la necesidad de integrar los Centros Comerciales a los núcleos urbanos; con espacios más diversos, oferta más acorde con la necesidad del nuevo pensamiento de compra, accesibles y que provoquen experiencias nuevas al cliente, es un realidad. Y concreto en España, necesita urgentemente abordar esta question. En el continente Americano, El Grupo Roble, inauguró el pasado día 15 de Junio, el primer Centro Comercial Multiplaza llamado La Felicidad, en Bogotá, Colombia.  Muchísimas Felicidades ! El Grupo Roble, que desarrolla Centros Comerciales y Proyectos Habitacionales a gran

  • The importance of a good Window design Competition. Composition. One could conclude, that a Window display or Showcases are the DNA of retail brands or wholesale malls. But I would like to refer to two points, that makes a Window design successful: Differentiation, is a daily exercise in reference of retail brands or wholesale malls image, which at the moment, we could not conceive without the analysis of our competitors and know the situation of ours retail brands or wholesale malls. During analysis, we will deduce the strategies of positioning, solutions to

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