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360 ♾ services. Production and logistic supervision directly on factory. New design and production by @joseluisledesma_com JL ®️ Jose Luis Ledesma.

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We really care the quality. New design and production by @JLuis_Ledesma JL ®️ Jose Luis Ledesma for @rivafashionme
#windowdisplay #windowdesign #visualmerchandising #retail #internationalbusiness #fashion #escaparates #madeeurope

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New design and production by @JLuis_Ledesma JL ®️ Jose Luis Ledesma for @rivafashionme
#windowdisplay #windowdesign #visualmerchandising #retail #internationalbusiness #fashion #escaparates #madeeurope


Nothing’s gonna change our world.Creativity in the digital age

A particular feature of our time is the speed with new technologies advance, along with them, the opportunities to increase productivity and creativity.

Today the idea of ​​”perfection of technologies” is always gaining prominence, for this reason, it is important to pare all these changes with a powerful education. This allows us to have the knowledge to use these technologies in our favor and not to fall in the lost idea of absolute control.

Creativity is one of the most important and useful abilities of the human being. It allows us, for example, to innovate from what already exists in the world. Creativity arises from a processes where the confrontation between the negative and positive becomes a constant.

The human being is also characterized by using the creativity to adapting everything that surrounds him to his needs.

Creative people are the ones who seek solutions to the problems in life. Creativity is, at the same time, an abstract projection of something that can be built, so it always implies an exercise of looking to the future.

During the last years many things have changed, not only from the technological point of view. The perfection of “the machine” and new technologies have changed the way we see the world.

We face new challenges every day, which not only require creativity and innovation in solutions, but also in management, in the ability to work as a team and to lead projects with more human approaches.

It’s important to trust on new technologies and take advantage of them, to give more visibility to our results. But they can never replace the work and the creative strategy of professionals. Today’s leaders have to have the capacity to understand social changes, observe and understand new contexts, only in this way, will be able to connect with the digital age.

Creative leadership is important to embrace change and find opportunities where others have not seen them. Make mistakes it’s a fundamental to creative processes to reach satisfactory results. Therefore, trust is the prize for final quality.

In the face of constant change it is important to have solid bases, passion and motivation to know how to manage and take advantage of these new technologies without being afraid of making mistakes.

In the Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising sector, we find new innovative technologies every day. A deep knowledge of them, together with experience in the sector and creativity, brings extraordinary results.

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