Contact me now! I can help you to increase your sales significantly, through an effective investment in Window Design, Visual Merchandising, gadgets production for Retail´s environment or any other needs.
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Love ❤️ is in the air !

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The process can be messy... but with me it´s a 5 steps solution.

Planning & Strategy

Preparing the project proposal and developing briefing with you.


Completing the final proposal for implementation and approval. The full service incluide design, the VM dossier, management of supplies, production and logistic.


Project evaluation and monitoring during full process.


Continuous reporting during & at the end of the process. Results evaluated & improvements put in place if necessary.


Honesty and trust at the foundation of all projects.

Growing your Business

The professional That You Need

"Just those who see the invisible, will be able to do the impossible".

- José Luis Fernández Ledesma -
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